We all know it well. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of shameful responsibility for having killed one of our precious house plants; or at least having failed to keep it alive and thriving. On my new house plant care guide page, I’ll discuss how to look after your favourite species of plant-baby, giving you everything you need to love on your plants just the way they like it. 

The thought of having no flowers at a wedding may seem strange to some, but with foliage-only botanicals becoming ever more popular at events across the UK, it's not as unusual as you may think. C & E were very relaxed about the botanical styling for their special day, which was to be based on a foliage-only wedding and reflecting their love of elegant simplicity. Over a pint of ale in The Fox at Hevingham, I met C & E - a young couple, who were so friendly and chatty, I could've sat with them all evening and had much more

Keeping your terrarium in optimal health is quite straightforward, particularly if you choose to add in activated charcoal. This rather unassuming substance is not like other charcoal that can be found in fireplaces, BBQ's or even on burnt food, and has excellent toxin-reducing qualities which will help keep your plants happy and healthy.  Where Does Activated Charcoal Come From? Activated charcoal (also know as activated carbon) is produced from heating wood, bamboo, coconut shells or sawdust to extremely high temperatures which produces a unique kind of charcoal. This process makes it much more porous than any other kind of charcoal and therefore it

The soil is a pretty important part of your terrarium as it's what your plants need to thrive on for many years to come. Although you certainly don't need loads of soil, ensuring it is good quality will really benefit the overall health of your terrarium. Types of Soil There are hundreds and hundreds of soil types available to buy online which can be absolutely baffling to those simply looking to buy a litre or two for one small terrarium (hence why I sell it in my shop in small quantities!). But don't be scared off - for closed terrariums all you

If taking a walk through the good ol' British countryside is your kinda thing, why not combine it with spotting some of the prettiest wild flower species that can be found during April? This is the month where spring really takes hold and everything is simply bursting with life. The trees are laden with blossom, the hint of summer can be smelt on the wind and birds sing from sunrise to sunset.  Here are 20 wild flowers that can be spotted during a stroll throughout the UK

Once you have chosen your vessel in which you would like to create a terrarium - it's time to begin layering in the different elements to keep your plants inside happy (you may want to read 'The Differences Between an Open Terrarium and Closed Terrarium' before getting started, so you can be sure to choose the correct bits and pieces). The very first layer is grit, gravel or sand and is known as a false bottom. In this blog post I am going to explain what this is and what you can use to create your own


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