Are you looking to change your career?

Switching career to become a full time, self employed florist is not just a job, it truly is a lifestyle. Floristry as a career is exciting, demanding, rewarding, creatively inspiring and incredibly fulfilling. This course is designed to guide you through every step of this exhilarating journey from complete beginner to being the boss. This is not a fussy, old fashioned course – this course packs a punch of modern floral styling skills, designed to take you from zero to hero. 

Following the steps I took, studying the foundations I built and exploring the artistic freedom I allowed myself, you will be shown how Romeo & Succulent came to life and how it has become a successful business. Using this information as a guide, you will learn how to create your own small, independent business in floristry. 


Course Length: 5 Months (22 weeks) 

Course Layout: Two videos per week (Approx 2 – 4 hours of your time needed each week) 

Course Start Date: Monday 30th September 2024 

Course End Date: Friday 28th February 2025

Course Content;

The course is exclusively online and highly accessible with full support, professionally created and immersive video content, stationary products which provide a physical guide week by week, a starter pack of goodies plus a dedicated online/social media community. As the owner of Romeo & Succulent, I will be on hand through every step of the course to provide help, support and assistance. At the end of the course you will have the option to attend an in-person full day course with me (extra cost of £100 to cover materials on the day). 


The first few weeks of the course will focus on setting up your brand. Advice on how to start your business, creating a strong footing for the future and beginning to learn about flowers. 

This part of the course will cover; 

  • Setting up the basics 
  • Brand and styling
  • Kit and tools 
  • Workspace 
  • Social media and photography
  • Admin
  • Flower seasons and varieties 



In the middle of the course we will begin to expand our knowledge on business, flowers, customers and weddings. We will look in depth at how you can think outside the box and begin to learn about caring for flowers.

This part of the course will cover;

  • Hours and pay 
  • Website and email
  • Marketing 
  • Side hustles (eg. Workshops)
  • Client contact 
  • Ordering, consultations and quotes
  • Conditioning flowers 
  • Gift bouquets 
  • Eco friendly floristry 


The last few weeks will be spent harnessing all of the knowledge from the course and focusing on honing floristry skills, wedding etiquette, creativity and how to take your business to the next level. 

This part of the course will cover;

  • Commercial and funeral floristry 
  • Christmas (inc. wreaths) 
  • Weddings and wedding etiquette 
  • Details 
  • Wedding flowers including bridal bouquets, buttonholes, centrepieces and garlands 
  • Larger installations including archways, floral clouds and movable meadows
  • Final words 


  • You are looking to change your career path and embark on a creative and flexible self employed journey
  • You are a complete beginner to floral styling 
  • You have other commitments or are unable to travel and therefore an online course suits your current situation better than an in-person course 
  • You are looking to focus on gift bouquets, workshops and weddings as a main income source 


  • Your are already an experienced florist with your own business
  • You are hoping to open a shop and employ people to grow the business – this course is focused on one person setting up as a sole trader, usually working from home or a small studio. The course will touch on opening a shop and employing people but this is not what the course is aimed at
  • If you are looking for a full time hands-on workshop, this course exclusively uses online immersive professionally made videos with an optional hands on course available after completion


Online floristry school career change course


As the creator and owner of Romeo & Succulent there is no one else who could run this course effectively… or truthfully! I have been along for the ride from the very start and I am now ready to pass on this knowledge to new, up and coming florists.

Course Cost


Payment Options: Full course cost or £450 deposit (non-refundable) to secure space, final balance (£1140) due 6 weeks before the course start date. Please note; there are LIMITED spaces on this course. 


This optional full day course is available as an addition after the online course has been completed. It will be held at a wedding venue in Norfolk with me guiding you through the physical elements which you have learnt on the course and will allow you to take photos in a professional environment.

Fresh flowers, tools and lunch included.

Dates: TBC



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