Hey, I’m Kim, owner of Romeo & Succulent. I have a genuine love of the natural world and I’m super passionate about the environment. Call me a geek if you like.

After years of travelling the globe fuelled by a childhood spent in the great outdoors, I made it a priority not just in my business but in my life, to be committed to looking after the world around us. Here is a list of the steps I am taking to become more sustainable and reduce my impact on the environment;

  • I use British grown plants and flowers where possible either grown in my own garden or sourced from local suppliers/flower farmers. Of course exotic blooms are still imported from various suppliers outside of the UK.
  • I have a strict recycling policy in my studio, not just for paper or plastic products but also for offcuts and flower waste. These are put into the composter which is then reused in my garden to grow more flowers (and veg!).
  • My hand delivered bouquets always come completely plastic free (no aqua wrapping or water bubble) to avoid the use of plastic cellophane. The kraft paper is recyclable, as are any glass vases used, and all tissue paper is acid-free.
  • My business cards/flyers/bouquet slips are printed on material made from recycled paper or recycled t-shirts.
  • The unique option of hiring plants and props for your event, and therefore be used again and again, reduces the need for ‘one use’ or throwaway items.
  • I avoid printing as much as possible (partly because I HATE paperwork!) and send quotes and other info via email/PDF.
  • I use no floral foam in any of my floral installations, instead I use eco-friendly alternatives such as chicken wire, moss, prefabricated jar holders, twine, eco-wool and recycled reusable trays.



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