I provide corporate botanics to businesses across the UK to help promote a new project, inspire the public at exhibitions and create a relaxed environment for staff. In addition, I have worked on a number of commercial photoshoots and projects where plants were needed. 

Many plants – particularly cacti and succulents – are ideal for an office environment as they require little attention, yet create an impressive visual impact, and are often good for staff wellbeing. I work closely with a number of UK based companies which require plants not only for their offices, but also for corporate events such as product launches, executive dining and public exhibitions on a purchase or hire basis. Team building workshops involving plants are also a speciality of mine. For such events, I work in sync with you to understand the image your brand wants to present, and provide the corporate botanics and greenery to match. I also offer a range of seasonal decor for workspaces such as Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths.

In addition to corporate work, I have worked on a variety of commercial shoots for brands including Craigellachie, Sainbury’s, Co-Op, Morrison’s, Lyle’s of London, London Fashion Week, Sports Girl and more. If you are in need of a floral designer for any projects, please do get in touch.

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