Coffea Arabica

The most famous plant in the rubiaceae family, most people’s lives include a little coffee. Well, aside from enjoying it in your cups, you can also enjoy your very own coffee plant in a terrarium or as a free-standing houseplant. Lovers of high humidity, mini coffee plants thrive in the contained, terrarium setting and their glossy dark-green leaves make an attractive addition to the set up. 

Where Does It Come From?

Originally from Ethiopa, arabica coffee has become a popular plant all over the world, growing in humid, tropical countries from southeast Asia to South America. The most popular of over 60 species of coffee plant, coffea arabica is now widespread and is gaining more and more traction as a decorative plant.

Why Should I Get One?

  • A versatile little plant-baby, coffee plants work beautifully as part of a miniature terrarium set up or as a free-standing houseplant.
  • As young’uns the foliage is quite bright, but as they grow and mature, the leaves take on a gorgeous, deep bottle green colour which makes them an attractive decorative piece.

How Big Can It Grow? 

In optimum habitats, coffee bushes can grow up to 2 metres tall, but in the chilly UK, and contained in an indoor setting, they remain fairly small. Miniature versions of the plant are perfect for maintaining in a cosy tabletop terrarium where regular trimming will keep it healthy, bushy and perfectly small!

Where Should I Keep It? 

Normally enjoying balmy temperatures of around 20-25°C, coffee plants grow best in warm but partially shady spots. Direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible as the scorching midday sun can burn the leaves. A well-lit, but filtered patch works best or a warm and humid bathroom which will replicate it’s natural environment. These plants are partial to soil with a slightly acidic pH reading. 

How Often Should I Water It? 

Being of tropical origins, warm temperatures for your coffee plant need to be combined with high humidity and plenty of moisture. The younger your plant is, the more water it requires to stay healthy. The soil that surrounds your plant should never really dry out completely, so water the plant regularly, and a daily misting of your coffee plant’s leaves helps to recreate the sticky heat of the tropics. Watering little and often tends to work best for these little shrubs, as despite the fact that they love moisture, good drainage is essential to avoid root rot. 

Much more than just the bush that supplies your morning cup of joe, the coffea arabica is a worthy addition to any growing houseplant collection. Simple to care for, low maintenance and easy on the eye; these pretty little evergreens are a real crowd pleaser. Pick yours up and nurture you own little taste of the tropics in your living room!


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