Senecio Rowleyanus AKA. String of Beads / Rosary Vines

This stunning cascading succulent is a real winner. As a hanging houseplant, the distinctive bulbous shapes of this quirky little plant makes it a favourite for those looking for something unique to brighten up their indoor spaces. Relatively easy to care for and fairly self-sustaining,  these unusual looking creepers also make a great addition to your open terrarium. 

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Where Does It Come From?

Part of a larger family of perennial succulent vines, the String of Pearls is native to the drier regions of southwest Africa. These dusty origins are part of the reason that the plant is so tolerant of prolonged periods with little to no water. Naturally adapted to handling droughts, these plants suit people who find it hard to maintain a regular watering schedule. 

Why Should I Get One?

  • It can tolerate a relative amount of accidental neglect. Should you jet off on an impromptu holiday to Europe for two weeks for example, chances are that this little succulent will be awaiting your return still in perfect health.
  • A major plus of this plant is how bloody funny-looking it is. It is an obvious choice for plant-lovers who are seeking something a little more unusual for their collection.

How Big Can It Grow? 

A relatively fast growing little vine, the String of Pearls can reach an ultimate length of around one metre. Depending on the exact conditions you are able to create for the plant, it can spiral out of control surprisingly easily!

Where Should I Keep It? 

A warm, sunny spot is just the ticket for this succulent. The String of Pearls prefers bright, indirect sunlight and should be kept somewhere sunny where the plant can also enjoy plenty of captive warmth. A south or west-facing window that provides moderate and filtered light for the plant, without risking scorching it, would be ideal. Temperature is very important to the growth of these little guys and you should avoid them getting cold, or being battered by drafts at all costs, lest the leaves start to drop (which we definitely don’t want).

The String of Pearls can be toxic to both humans and pets. For people with sensitive skin, the plant has been known to cause irritation and dermatitis. For pets, ingestion can be quite serious, so it is better to keep this one well out of the way of children and furry friends. 

How Often Should I Water It? 

This juicy little succulent is very sensitive to being over-watered so make sure you give it just enough, rather than smother it to death with love! A good watering once every two weeks is probably enough for these low-maintenance beauties. To make sure you don’t overdo it, use a stick (or your finger) to prod the top of the pot and check the moisture levels about half an inch down into the soil. If the surface half-inch is dry, it’s time to top up!

A weakened fertiliser one a month is more than enough to keep this vine thriving. Similarly to the over-watering risk, too much fertiliser can easily overwhelm these unfussy little plants. 

Beautiful in hanging baskets, creeping along shelves, or in a self-contained terrarium environment, this unique succulent is super simple to care for and the payoff is huge! 


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