Types: Cushion Moss, Flat Moss, Sphagnum Moss & more

Who doesn’t love moss? It’s one of the most interesting and unique plants on our planet and is readily found in a variety of areas from gardens and woodland to mountain ranges and caves. It makes a fantastic addition to a terrarium as an air purifier and creates interest in both indoor and outdoor garden projects. I sell bun/cushion moss, flat/carpet moss and sphagnum moss on my website, so it’s only right that it should also have it’s very own page on how to care for this rather cute and fluffy plant…

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Where Does It Come From?

Moss is present all over the world, and there are thousands of different species and sub-species. From tiny clumps that are barely visible to the eye, to huge carpets of moss that cover entire forest floors, this interesting plant is best observed at close quarters.

How Should I Handle It?

Moss is fragile, so always treat it with care. It very rarely causes skin irritation and so can be handled with bare hands. You will easily be able to see the difference between the top and bottom on carpet and cushion moss and know which way to place it. Try and keep the roots well hidden underneath the plant. All moss types can easily be split to create more pieces, but be careful when doing this with cushion moss as it can affect it’s overall appearance.

Why Should I Get Some?

  • Moss is one of the best possible additions to a terrarium, simply because it is one of the best air-purifiers around, helps regular moisture levels and will help keep your environment healthy.
  • It’s cheap and easy to care for
  • It also looks great around the base of plants in a pot or even in a garden, to cover loose soil and create a carpet-like aesthetic.

How Big Can It Grow? 

Moss grows, very, very slowly and it is unlikely you will need to worry too much about it’s maximum size. It tends to spread, rather than ‘grow’ in the traditional sense, and will help cover the floor of your terrarium, pot or garden.

Where Should I Keep It? 

Moss needs to be kept out of direct sunlight, in a nice damp area and away from strong winds, draughts or radiators. This is what makes it so great for terrarium building – it loves the humidity. It can be left outside all year if you are using in your garden, but needs to be protected from full sun, hard frost and snow.

How Often Should I Water It? 

Moss must be kept damp at all times, otherwise it soon gets brown and crispy and despite being fairly hardy, it will eventually die. If you can use rainwater to keep your moss moist, it will really appreciate the extra nutrients that rainwater offers. In a terrarium setting, if kept properly, it will not need watering as a terrarium environment should keep damp at all times. If outdoors, you will only need to check it every few days to make sure it’s still moist – more often in the summer.

Available in beautiful lush green colours, and a variety of shapes and sizes, moss is an absolute must have for any keen terrarium builder or gardener. 


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