house plant care tracker

House Plant Care Tracker


Having trouble keeping your plants alive? Forgetting to water that fern in the bedroom? Look no further than this super handy plant care tracker. This A5 paper pad made of¬†120gsm recycled paper covers all based with columns for the name of the plant, watering, rotation and feeding. With enough slots for 700 plants, even the biggest urban jungler’s will be able to track their precious plants care schedule.¬†Available in 2 colours; pale pink or monotone.

These pads are made in Norfolk by Number 27 Design who specialises in art and accessories for the plant-obsessed, from plant care prints and leafy illustrations to tees and propagation cubes. With a focus on sustainability, they source products based on reclaimed and recycled materials, all the way down to the packaging. Check out more of their stuff here:
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